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Posted On Apr 08th 2019

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English Week

Earlier this term, English Week gave our students a whole host of activities and competitions to explore their language talents in a variety of forms. The essential skills of public speaking and debate, or competitions in spelling bees, creative expression of poetry and character dress up, all reinforced the classroom learning and brought a bit of added fun and colour to school.

A big well done to all the participants for putting in the effort and showcasing their English language prowess.

A special well done to the all students below as the competition winners.

Creative Writing:

1st Place - Christian (MY 2) 'A man in the Woods'

2nd Place - Lois  (MY 2)'Farm Life'

3rd Place - Thasandi (MY 1) - 'Matador'


Poetry Writing:

IG1: The Hermit - Harry

IG2: The mighty orange curtain - Flavian



IG 1 - Carrie, Wareef, Jorawar, Wellington

IG 1 - Josephine, Mattia, Jermiah, Lasya

IG 2 - Aiden, Aryan, Alberto, Flavian


Public Speaking:

MY1 & Overall winner =  Ilse

MY2 = Philipe & Lois (tied)

MY3 = Christian


Kahoot Challenge:

IG 1 = Team A Ryan

IG 2 = Team Alex and Anaya

MY 3 = Noah and Marta

MY 2 = Lois and Gabbi

MY 1 = Team M.A.R.