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AnalidaAnalida Anguizola, EAL and Class 2 IPC

I was born in Panama and moved to Belgium in 2002. I have been teaching and having fun in international schools for more than 15 years.  I enjoy baking, practising yoga and sharing the joys of life with my two young sons and husband.



1E2A0020 3Arancha Barrasa, Head of Primary School, Class 2 Teacher

Originally from Spain, I have been living in Belgium for the past 7 years. I have 3 years of leadership experience in an American company, and years of teaching experience in European and International schools. I have lived in several countries such as U.S.A, Poland, Spain and Belgium, and am fluent in English, French and Spanish. In my spare time I love travelling, reading, learning new things, as well as spending time with my family and friends.

1e2a0024Adrian Tudorica, Pre-school assistant, Garderie

I have been living in Belgium for 10 years. Passionate about teaching, I enjoy working with children of all ages. My interests include photography, music, hiking and other outdoor activities. I am glad to be part of the ISF Community.


1e2a0030Beatrice Schneider, French Language 1 Teacher

French from Paris, I’ve taught French, Modern Literature, Philosophy and History for the past 21 years in Paris and abroad. I love my time in class, and believe that teaching is a work of the heart. I enjoy Classical Rock, movies, Baudelaire, Voltaire, Sacha Guitry and Oscar Wilde.


1e2a0027Belinda Yates, Head of School

I have 25 years teaching experience in private schools in Australia and Belgium and in the last 8 years I have been in leadership positions.  I have also been a curriculum developer for the Ministry of Education in Victoria, Australia.  I have always been and continue to be involved with a variety of Educational organisations such as Junior School Heads Association of Australia (JSHAA) and Council of English Speaking Schools in Belgium (CESSIB).


1e2a0015Benjamin Thumwood, Physical Education, English, Project Management

I have been in Belgium for over ten years, I have a Masters and a degree as well as many sporting qualifications such as FA Coaching, FA Refereeing, skiing and P.A.D.I Scuba diving. My main passion is playing, coaching, refereeing and watching football.


1e2a0038Bob Cavanagh, Maths and Science Teacher

HI, I’m Bob Cavanagh, I have taught in the UK, South America and Africa and although born in London, traveled widely with my parents.  I have lived in Belgium longer than in any other country and think of here as home.  I am teaching A Level Maths and Physics. I follow yoga and can often be found at Beer Festivals and wandering around looking for GeoCaches.


1e2a0037Cathy Kerendi, Class 4 Teacher

Born and raised in London, my first career was in international banking. Then followed several years in the US before life brought me to Belgium and more specifically to ISF where I am thoroughly enjoying my second career in teaching.


1e2a0026Cobus Steyn, Head of Secondary, English & History Teacher

I was born and raised in sunny South Africa and have lived and worked in Namibia, England, and the United Arab Emirates. History is a passion of mine and I enjoy museums and places of interest. I try to play golf, and am an avid scuba diver and keen gamer. Once, I jumped off the highest bridge bungee jump in the world –  a staggering 210meter fall! I am also an internationally qualified rugby coach, an International Award Leader and Assessor and a Cambridge International Examinations Assessor. I am passionate about education and believe in the holistic development of students, and        place great importance on learning outside of the classroom.

20190409 105644Fatima Saadani, Pre-School Assistant

I was born and raised in London and moved to Belgium in 2004. I  have over 15 years experience working in Montessori schools both in Belgium and in London and it is my true passion.  I enjoy  travelling, art and spending time with my family and friends.  I am      looking forward to starting my new journey being part of the ISF team.


1e2a0043Frank Christensen, Bus driver and Maintenance Worker

I was born and grew up in Copenhagen.  I moved to Belgium in 1993 and worked as a school bus driver and maintenance worker. I returned to Denmark for 4 years and set up my own company and then decided to return to Belgium to continue my previous work. I have two lovely children and enjoy bowling and making sculptures. I enjoy working with iron and on roofs; the higher the better.


1e2a0040Hadeeqa Batool, School Secretary

I was born and raised in Pakistan. I moved to Belgium in 2005. After doing my masters in administration I worked in a bank. Its been four years since I am part of ISF team. I enjoy the diversity of ISF Waterloo. I like travelling and enjoy a lot planning long road trips with my family. 




1e2a0021Joshua Brandenburg, Art Teacher
I’m a British citizen (half-Dutch on my paternal side) who grew up in the South West of England. I completed my Fine Art degree and my teaching qualifications in Cardiff then moved to the Netherlands to pursue a Masters in Film and Photographic Studies. I married my Dutch wife and over the last few years I have been teaching art in International schools in The Hague area, South Holland. I hugely enjoy playing squash and futsal. I’m interested in urbanism (experiencing it, photographing it, reading and writing about it).  I’m very pleased to be a part of ISF helping students toward experiencing                                     the full extent of their artistic potential.

Img 20180829 105938Kelly Ashbaugh, Class 5 Teacher

My teaching career began in the United States, in my home state of Arizona. After a few years teaching there, I decided that I wanted to experience teaching in a more international and multicultural environment. Over the past twelve years, I have taught in international schools in Lithuania, Germany and now, for the past eight years, at ISF Waterloo. I enjoy travelling, reading and spending time with family and friends.


1e2a0042Kristian Grondahl, Grounds Manager and Bus Driver

Educated as a carpenter in Copenhagen, I moved to Belgium in 1991 and started my own DIY company. I have a passion for coming up with solutions for any problems, the more difficult the better. My interests are golf, cars, architecture, the weather, travelling, life and my job.



1e2a0017Morgane Kermer, French as a Second Language Teacher

Originally from Belgium, I had the chance to teach in various schools in Belgium, Louisiana and recently in different International Schools in Brussel. Being an immersion teacher in the USA gave me my first opportunity to work with children who don’t speak any words in French. Now, as a teacher of a second language, I enjoy teaching students to develop greater fluency speaking in french in my own country. I am glad to be a part of ISF Waterloo team this year. It’s always for me a fantastic opportunity to work in a multicultural environment which is always personally enriching.

1e2a0013Nadim Bayeh, Science Teacher

Half-Lebanese, half-Trinidadian with a Franco-American education, my background is in engineering as an architect, public speaking coach and social worker volunteer. I like to bring out the practical aspect of science in everyday life.


1e2a0025Nina Jaatinen, Pre-School Teacher, Early Years Coordinator

Originally from Finland I have been living in Belgium since 2008. I enjoy travelling and reading, and have a special love for arts and crafts. A good challenge makes my day.


R1370 0229Samantha Howe, School Secretary

Hello. I am originally from south west of England, but moved first to Dubai, and then to Canada to raise our family. Arriving back in Europe our family settled in Waterloo. My passion is horses and I spent many years in Canada working as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor teaching children and adults with disabilities. In my spare time I love to get out and about either walking with the dog, or riding in the beautiful Belgian countryside.


1e2a0041Samuel Enakema , Maintenance Worker and Bus Driver

I am originally from Nigeria and came to Europe in 1998.  I have previously lived in Italy, Germany and The Netherlands and am now happy in Belgium.  I am married and have four beautiful children.




1e2a0003 1Sarah Hodges, Geography Teacher

I am originally from the Wirral in the UK and have been living in Belgium now for over twenty years. I have been interested and active in a variety of sporting and adventurous activities for most of my life. Mainly sailing, cycling and walking now. I have been teaching in a variety of schools for over twenty years but was also an Outdoor pursuits instructor before becoming a teacher. I gained my teaching degree at Liverpool John Moores University. I love doing crafts, sewing, knitting, and the like, read lots, and enjoy gardening.

1e2a0032Sarah Rogerson, Class 5 Teacher

Born in Gloucestershire, I started teaching in Hampshire in the late nineties. Life and work since then have brought me to Brussels via south-west France. Five years’ teaching international students in the “capital of Europe” has been exhilarating and immensely satisfying. I firmly believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience and I look forward to putting that into practice at ISF.


1e2a0016Tahlia De Corso, Music Teacher 

Originally from Australia, I have been living in Belgium for the past 4 years. I have a teaching diploma (Music) and a Masters degree in Music Performance. Before moving to Belgium I had been teaching Music in schools for 4 years. Aside from this I was also an active member of the music scene in my hometown, Adelaide. Along with the piano, I have a passion for singing and theatre. I enjoy teaching music and hope to spread my love of music to the students here at ISF Waterloo.

R1370 0233Tom Houston, Business Studies and English Teacher

Originally from south-west Scotland, I have been teaching in an international setting for the past 12 years spanning a variety of schools in South Korea and the UAE. This has allowed me to experience a range of educational systems and cultures as well as opportunities to travel. I look forward to joining the ISF team, getting to know all in the school community, and contributing to the on-going successes of the students.


1e2a0014Yves Luyens, Maths Teacher

I am Belgian and a father of four. I am fluent in English, French and Dutch and I love teaching in an international and multicultural environment. I am delighted to be part of the ISF community. My engineering background gives me a purposeful view on maths that I love to share and teach. I also like to inspire students through another passion of mine, namely distance running and some of its key benefits like perseverance, progression and balance.