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Student Well-being

PSHE Programme (Personal, Social, Health and Economic)

ISF has a thorough PSHE programme for all students of all ages. PHSE lessons are conducted once a week, and they cover a broad range of topics.  

Some of the topics discussed to help our students develop and grow include: 

  • learning about our school values                Hr oshi2530 11zon            
  • healthy eating
  • relationships
  • safety, transitions
  • UN convention of rights of the Child
  • feelings
  • mindfulness 
  • respecting the environment 
  • study habits and E-safety

Lessons are interactive and supplemented with student-led assemblies.

Personal Mindset Education for Secondary Students

ISF provides bespoke opportunities for our Secondary students to expand and explore their personal mindsets, encouraging the development of the essential skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to make a positive impact on their world and be ready for the future.  The children choose a topic that interests them and work individually at their own pace and complete exercises to connect the topic to their life and experiences.  Examples of some topics include: antifragility, authenticity, curiosity, helpfulness, self-Discipline, unconventional thinking and appreciation.

Student Council

Student Voice is vital at ISF. We have a very active Primary and Secondary Student Council. Students from each class are elected to the council and then meet monthly to discuss new ideas and plan and organise exciting activities and events for their fellow students. All year levels also meet regularly with their Head of Section to give their feedback. 

Student Well-being App- Ei Pulse

ISF uses a student wellbeing app developed by Educator Impact (EI) called Pulse for students from Year 5 through to A Level.  The App is used to track and support student well-being in real-time, providing a weekly 90-second check-in with students.  It teaches the skill of emotional intelligence, and it helps them identify how they are feeling and the reasons why, also encouraging them to ask for help when they need it.  The app also teaches children about giving and receiving gratitude. 

Social Counsellor

At ISF, we have a full-time social counsellor. Their main role is to support our students. The counsellor can be teaching PHSE lessons, one-to-one counselling sessions to discuss problems or issues students are facing and helping students with transitions. The school counsellor also assists our Secondary students to learn about different careers, find placements for work experience and complete their university applications. CIS stated in their report ¨ISF is commended for nurturing a school culture that ensures that well-being is central to the school functioning and positively impacts student learning¨.


ISF is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our pupils so they can learn in a safe and secure atmosphere. Safeguarding is what we do to prevent harm, while child protection is the way in which we respond to incidents that have caused harm. 

Our Safeguarding handbook here concisely summarises ISF's more detailed policy documents related to safeguarding and child protection.