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Student Life

House System

Students are placed in one of four multi-aged house groups: Sax, Mercator, Rubens and Herge (all famous Belgians).

Each house group meets once a month for team building exercises and competes as a team in events such as Sports Day.

Student Council and Student Leadership

Naof Assiri
Student Council

Alexis Dumelie
School Captain

The student body is represented by the Student Council and the School Captain. They are elected by the year groups and have regular meetings supervised by a Secondary teacher.

The Student Council hosts a welcome drink for new students in the first term, represents the school at curriculum evenings and the Summer Fair and is available to work with the PTA throughout the year.  It provides an important avenue for students to have a voice and to perform Community Service within school.


Community Service and Work Experience Programme

IGCSE and A Level students undertake a community service and work experience programme after their exams have finished at the beginning of June.


All students have regular assemblies, where issues are discussed and student achievements are recognised. Students also get an opportunity to present their work and showcase their talents.

Events at ISF Waterloo

ISF Waterloo has many events on its school calendar including: International Day, Winter Show, Science and Book Week, Sports Day and  Graduation. Each year the school also invites an artist, musician or author in residence to inspire the children.

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