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Academic Scholarships


ISF is committed to providing a wide range of learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum, nurturing individual students’ potential. As part of this commitment, students with special talents and enthusiasm for learning are invited to apply for the scholarships on offer.


The ISF Academic Scholarship Program is open to external students for the following programmes:

  • For candidates aged 14 to 15 entering Year 1 of International General Certificate of Secondary Education  IGCSE 1 (Belgian Secondary Class 3 / UK Year 10)

    • 4 year scholarships available to complete Secondary and Pre-University Education worth up to 75% of annual fees, but excluding  Cambridge exam fees

  • For candidates aged 16 to 17 entering Year 1 of  Cambridge International Advanced Level

A Levels (Belgian Secondary Class 5 / UK Year 12)

  • 2 year scholarships available to complete A Levels  worth up to 75% of annual fees but excluding Cambridge exam fees


ISF scholarships are awarded based on:

  • scholarship application (including personal statement)

  • previous 2 years of school reports

  • the ISF scholarship exams 

  • An interview with the ISF panel.


Scholarships are offered to prospective ISF students. ISF awards a number of scholarships and may vary the number and amount of scholarships to reflect the quality of applicants and the availability of places. English is the language of instruction and assessment at ISF  therefore, a student must meet the school’s English language requirements to be eligible for a scholarship place. 


Scholarship Process & Terms and Conditions

Process for applying for an ISF Scholarship:


  1. Complete and submit an ISF General Application Form for admission as well as a scholarship application form and provide the past two years of school reports. Documentation needs to be sent by email to Executive Head, Mrs Belinda Yates-

  2. Successful submissions will receive an invitation to a testing day 

  3. Within one week of the examination, the top-scoring 30% of IGCSE and A Level students will be invited for an interview to assess the students’ motivation and suitability for our school. 

  4. Successful scholarship candidates will receive a written offer, including the value of the scholarship- which is between 50-75% reduced fee.

  5. Upon acceptance of an offer from ISF, families should confirm the enrolment by signing the letter provided and paying the school registration fee. Offers are only valid for commencement in 2024-25 academic year and can not be deferred.

  6. Student Visas are the responsibility of parents where applicable.


How will the applicants be assessed?

Academic Achievement:

  • Applicants must provide evidence of excellent levels of academic achievement, alongside the ISF examination results

  • Students who show a particular talent for and dedication to a single academic or art-related field may be given special consideration and must provide evidence of such achievement

Attitudes to Learning:

  • Behaviour, Social Contribution and Motivation: applicants must provide evidence of good behaviour and a positive contribution to the social climate of the school/community

  • Attendance: applicants must provide evidence of consistent school attendance

  • 15 minute interview with the ISF scholarship panel 


Scholarships include:

  • Tuition fees (amount as stated in the letter of offer)

  • A waiver of the school development fund

Scholarships do not cover:

  • Registration Fee (750 euro)

  • Residential school trips

Scholarships could be withdrawn if:


  • Failure to pay above stated fees 

  • More than 10% non-attendance

  • Poor behaviour as stated in ISF’s behaviour policy

  • Significant drop in academic performance (evaluated at the end of each year)


Examination Dates and Times

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Tuesday 24 April 2024

Thursday 27 June 2024

Wednesday 3 July 2024


IGCSE Scholarship

9:00 -10:30  English

10:45 - 12:15 Maths

12:15 -12:45 Lunch

12:45 - 14:15 Science


A Level scholarship (all day starting at 9:00)

A 1 ½ hour exam for each subject the candidate is hoping to take