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Our CIS and COBIS accreditations demonstrate ISF’s commitment to delivering high-quality education to our students and safeguarding the welfare of our entire school community. ISF is proud to hold both of these prized accreditations, firmly placing us as the only small school in Brussels and in Belgium to hold both certifications.

ISF is an accredited member of the Council of International Schools (CIS)

CIS is a well-regarded educational community committed to high standards and ensures high-quality international education. Currently, out of more than 8 000 international schools globally, only 735 schools in 116 countries are CIS accredited (9%). ISF is an accredited member of the Council of International Schools (CIS).                 Copy of cis accredited full icon 3 2                      

What does it mean to be CIS accredited?                                                

  • Accreditation offers external validation of our exceptionally high education standards to our community by a globally recognised authority in international education

  • Staff can access high-quality professional development, conferences and networking opportunities

  • Students also have access to global networking opportunities, events and competitions 

  • Accreditation ensures that ISF follows its vision and mission and the CIS Code of Ethics

  • Accreditation confirms our focus on high-quality teaching, student-centred learning, student safeguarding, well-being and our commitment to Global Citizenship

ISF is also an accredited member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS)

COBIS is affiliated with the Independent Schools Council (ISC) in the United Kingdom. It  is able to accredit British Schools Overseas, anywhere in the World.

What does it mean to be COBIS accredited?                               Copy of cobis accredited member rgb

  • Accreditation offers excellent quality assurance to our community regarding our high standards of education and safeguarding against a strict set of standards

  • Staff can access high-quality professional development and a professional network in 75 countries worldwide

  • Students have access to a wide range of events, awards, global competitions and friendship opportunities 

  • ISF can welcome newly qualified teachers (NQT) and offer them an induction year

  • ISF joins the collaborative community of over 250 British international schools of quality around the world, sharing resources and support