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Posted On Mar 13th 2019

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Model United Nations Team ISF Waterloo

Eight of our Senior Students embarked on the Cambridge Model United Nations between 7th and 11th March 2019. ISF represented Canada at this conference. Apart from our students' exemplary behaviour whilst on tour, it was especially heartening that we were warmly welcomed back to the conference, and that our students' excellent manners were highlighted.   

The conference was a huge success for us, as 5 out of our 7 resolutions were passed in the various committees.  Hannah won an award for the Most Distinguished Delegate for her committee.   A roaring “Well Done!” to the MUNers who did us so proud.   

The quotes below are from the students regarding their experience.   I would encourage all Senior Students to take part the MUN, as it is a great way to learn more about yourself, and what you are actually able to achieve.   We are hoping to visit the MUN in Athens next year.

“An inspiring take on a sample of what adult life could be.“

“A fantastic learning experience which posed new and exciting challenges.“

“The MUN experience challenged me and encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone, the trip was overall a pleasant and educational encounter.“

"It was an incredibly worthwhile experience"

“How much KFC can one person actually eat?!”

“MUN was a great experience, I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much.“