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Posted On Feb 07th 2019

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Eco-Friendly Green School Committee

This week we had our first Eco-Friendly Green School committee meeting to discuss ways to move forward on this exciting programme. This initiative hopes to involve the whole school community (leadership, staff, parents, and students) to work towards ‘green’ goals and become the first Green International school in Belgium.

A Green school ensures that we have:

1. An efficient use of resources 2. A healthy and green environment 3. A curriculum which includes ecological issues 4. Nutritious food 5. Sustainable community practices

Why become a Green school? In our ISF mission we strive to develop students who are life-long learners, adaptable world citizens, sensitive to their communities.

Through becoming a Green School we believe that it will:

- Connect our whole school to the wider Belgian community and connect us globally

- Improve our school environment

- Motivate students to tackle environmental issues

- Improve attitudes: inspire and empower students

- Create leaders of change in their communities

- Widen learning beyond the classroom

- Develop responsible attitudes and commitment, increase confidence and motivation

- Improve mental and physical well-being

We strongly believe that this is an important issue for our whole community and hope you join us to work together to achieve.