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Cambridge Examinations

Private Examination Candidates


ISF provides the opportunity for private individuals to attempt the Cambridge Assessment International Education IGCSE and A-Level examination at our centre. We are able to provide an extensive list of subjects for private candidates, including many different languages. 

If you are interested in registering for the October/November or May/June examination series, then please send an email to and include the following information: 

1. Full name of the candidate

2. Date of birth 

3. Previous center number (if applicable) 

4. Previous candidate number (if applicable)

5. List of syllabus name, number and components you wish to enter for

6. Copy of ID / Passport 

7. Copy of Previous results

Examination Fees 

Examination/Services Fees 2021/22
IGCSE (per subject) 200.00 Euro 
IGCSE (double) (e.g Science)  400.00 Euro 
Full A-Level (per subject) 350.00 Euro
AS/A2 subjects (per subject) 250.00 Euro 
Late entry (added to each subject) 70.00 Euro 
Very late entry (added to each subject) 150.00 Euro