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Online Learning

ISF utilises the Google for Education platform from Primary through to Secondary.  We are therefore able to continue to deliver high-quality education online, with live lessons or tailor-made educational videos for our youngest students, if our campuses have to close for unforeseen reasons, or as directed by the Belgian government.

Our teachers are all Google certified and our students are confident users of technology, using their Chromebooks to access Google GSuite apps such as Google Classroom and Google Meet. Our online lessons are conducted using Google Meet for not only academic lessons but also sport, music, and both class and individual well-being sessions.  To learn more about our online learning programme access our online learning policy here.


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ISF’s Board chair Kaisa Sorjonen states:

“One thing is certain with ISF - the teaching and learning will continue in the safest possible environment. Whether this is physically in a classroom, on the playground or at home through an online platform, we will ensure that we continue to deliver a dynamic learning experience for all our students “